Neel  Yadav

This website has been temporarily under construction for several years now. Every now and then I'll redesign this simple landing page and rewrite this little blurb, just to give the site a fresh coat of paint.

Maybe I'll actually start building it out someday. I've thought about creating a blog or adding a few pages to showcase some of the things I've built/created, but I haven't felt much urgency in taking on that project.

About Me

I'm a 25 year old from the Midwestern United States and what you might call a generalist. I've picked up a wide variety skills over the years, including in areas such as:

  • photography
  • graphic design
  • digital art
  • video editing/production
  • finance
  • web design/development
  • software development
  • server administration
  • blockchain systems

In school I mainly studied hard math and science like calculus and physics, as well as economics.

Currently, if I want to attach a title to my name I'd call myself a software developer.